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Creekside Quilting Newsletter 07/14/2020

I just want to send HUGE KUDOS to my staff at Creekside Quilting!  They are always cheerful and happy while in the store and I am so thankful to have each of them everyday to brighten my day!  It seems as though the past few weeks, the cheerfulness of customer service, whether on the phone or in stores, has really become snippy and short.  I don't know if people think they can get away with it easier because they have a mask on or what the deal is, but it still can be hurtful as a paying customer.  I was just thinking this morning how thankful I am that my staff is always in a good mood, happy to help customers, and happy to be at the store!  We have a great team and I am very blessed!

So today's newsletter is really going to be a little brace yourself because I'm mixing some things up!  You'll want to read to the end, to get the full benefit of everything this newsletter will be offering!  So here we go....

What's New at Creekside Quilting?

  Love, Love, Love this Wilmington Red Rose Batik!  It's just the perfect red for anything patriotic or for making hearts! Order HERE 

    A few new blenders came in this past week and here is a snip-it of few just a few to tease your imagination.

       You might be wondering what this dowel rod is all about....but I kid you is the best thing ever!!!  When you are ironing your seams open, you lay the fabric seam on the rod and press the seam open.  On the other side, it is pressed so professionally and smooth!  Both Julia and I have been testing it on quilt blocks this past weekend, and we both agree, our corners match up perfectly and our points are perfect EACH AND EVERY TIME!  Try one will be amazed at how good your quilt blocks look, just by ironing open your seams on this wooden dowel.  It's called Sew Much Joy, Wooden Seam Press and you can order HERE 

  Issue #15 of Quiltfolk Nevada is HERE

  Sue made this darling wall quilt from the Bareroots Pattern Christmas Tree Skirt or Wall Quilt.  You can order the pattern HERE  Kits will be available for purchase later today.

  Thank you Linda for this beautiful picture of your roses from your garden!  As someone commented yesterday after our meeting, "I wish I could smell them!"  I'm sure the aroma is breathtaking!

 Susan sent me this article from the New York Times, "The Radical Quilting of Rosie Lee Tompkins".  If you have not had a chance to read it and look at the pictures of these amazing quilts, please click HERE and be directed to the article.  The New York Times says it best, "A triumphal retrospective at the Berkeley Art Museum confirms her standing as one of the great American artists — transcending craft, challenging painting and reshaping the canon."  It is worth your time to read, and the 20 quilts pictured are "unbridled colors, irregular shapes and nearly reckless range of textiles telegraphed a tremendous energy and the implacable ambition, and confidence, of great artisan art!"  

  Rebekah Smith's September workshops have been moved to June 4th and 5th 2021.  Wool Week has been postponed until the week of May 31st 2021,  If you are already signed up, please just make changes on your calendar.  If you are interested in attending these new dates please call the store and sign up. 

  We received in 200 yards of white 1/4" elastic....will this last us to the end of day?  I don't know...

Upcoming Classes and Events July

  Tuesday, July 14th is Wool Club starting at noon! Register by calling the store at (515)276-1977 or emailing  This group is open to everyone

  Wednesday, July 15th is the Applique Sew-in Group starting at 10:00 am and lasting all day! Register by calling the store at (515)276-1977 or emailing  This group is open to everyone

  Sit and Knit with Elaine on Sunday, July 19th starting at 1:30 pm.  This club is open to anyone who likes to knit, and would like to knit with other knitters!  You can register by calling the store at (515)276-1977 or emailing  This group is open to everyone

Wednesday, July 22nd at 1 pm
 is our next Patchwork Sister's Book Club meeting!  Register for the  book by calling  the store at (515)276-1977 or email me at  and purchase the book HERE  This group is open to everyone

   Wednesday, July 22nd at 2:30 pm Lily Girl's Red and White Quilt Group.   Register by calling the store at (515)276-1977 or emailing  THIS WILL BE OUR LAST MEETING.

  Friday, July 31st at 1 pm: UFO Club    Register by calling the store at (515)276-1977 or emailing  This group is open to everyone....$10 for the year and gifts and prizes at the end of the year for everyone!

Show and Tells are FUN for Everyone!
  So at Clothesline Club yesterday, Norma and Jan shared with the group an easy way to make 4 flying geese at one time!  The pattern is a Sew Easy pattern by Fons and Porter and can be located HERE

 Looking for a sewing table?  This sewing table is on sale for $549, originally $ if you are interested, come in a make me a deal!  A carpenter can cut you an insert to match the size of your machine....this insert fits a Pfaff Expression 710

  Another item I would like to get rid of, is this Entertainment Hutch....It's been in the long arm room for years, and in perfect condition.  I have it on the Facebook Marketplace for $150...but once again, come on in and make me a deal!

 Thanks Betty Ann for giving me some Mickey Mouse fabric!  Zeke loves his mask and we've all had a lot of fun wearing ours together!! 

Friends, that is all I have for today!  Have a lovely week!  Our store hours are Monday through Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.  Closed on Sunday's this month.  Please make an appointment on our website to visit the store or sign in at the door with your information.

And as Susan said to me today..."mask up and quilt on!"  I love it!  karen steggerda

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